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Group Investing Offers Multiple Advantages Compared With Investing Alone


By Darell Schmidt, Managing Partner, Allante Properties

July 1, 2015


Commercial real estate professionals are pooling their real estate knowledge and skills with investors’ financial resources to act on the current market’s buying and development opportunities to generate management-free income and capital appreciation to investors.


Combining the resources of several investors with a developer produces numerous benefits for savvy investors.  Investment groups may be able to acquire bigger properties than individuals alone and obtain more favorable financing only offered on larger properties.  Plus, investors with substantial financial resources who lack deal-making expertise and management skills can rely on the experience of the developer to facilitate the transaction, without having to labor over the nuances of each potential transaction.


Darell Schmidt, Managing Partner with Allante Properties in Denver knows a lot about group investing, having specialized in this concept since 2011.   Coupled with his vast real estate development and management background spanning 32 years and $770 Million of real estate developments, and introducing investor’s capital, is a sure-fired way to generate returns for his group investors.  He should know as his first group investment generated investment returns of 26.81% annually for his 18 investors.  Schmidt ads ”Compare that to what the banks pay for CD’s or the ups and downs of the stock market, and it is easy to see why investors are flocking to the groups he forms.”


Tennyson Place, a to-be-built 81-unit apartment building at 39th and Tennyson in the Berkeley neighborhood, is Allante’s next group investment.  Schmidt says, ”With its tremendous location, Tennyson Place will become an attractive option for apartment renters because of it walkable location to all of the conveniences expected by today’s apartment households”.  Having all the conveniences of shopping, dining, transportation and proximity to employment centers is a must now in Denver’s apartment markets, and those locations that possess these location characteristics will be the winners for investors.


Schmidt insists on accepting investments from smaller investors in lieu of institutional investors, because he can generate higher returns for the investors and Allante Properties, while avoiding the middle-man who saps profits from both sides.


Interested investors must be accredited investors and be able to invest a minimum of $100,000.  Schmidt is accepting subscription agreements now and he can be reached at 303-359-1210.  Or go to his web site at GoInvestDenver.com to find out more about Allante Properties and how Allante can help you generate cash flow and capital appreciation.

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