MoreInvestment Options

Allante Properties has multiple investment opportunities with varying degrees of risk depending on the investor’s goals and attitude towards risk. These opportunities include new developments, single tenant net leased properties, short / long term debt offerings and value add properties.


Most investments are managed by large corporations who charge significant fees for asset management and a majority interest in the deal, stripping much of the profit out of the investor’s pocket. Allante Properties creates opportunities to invest directly with us and avoid the middle man, thus providing more upside for your investment.


Investor communication is a top priority. Investors deserve to know the status of their investment so Allante sends regular Investment Newsletters containing updates, current financial reports, relevant market statistics and observations with the intent of keeping the investor informed.


Our investors appreciate Allante’s honesty and transparency in our daily practices.  EKS&H (Denvers #1 CPA Firm) reviews all of our financials so our investors are confident that they represent the actual performance we are achieving.  Additionally, we have partnered with BLDG Management to act as our property manager to assure 3rd party accounting and up to date property reports.


Trust is the foundation by which Allante Properties and its principals operate on a daily basis. We hold our fiduciary obligation to the highest regard and our investors trust that their capital will be protected and diligently managed.  We exceed our investors’ expectations by building trust, every day.


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