Chateau Park Apartments

NOW FUNDING Type: Active Multi-Family Investment Offering
Number of units: 71 class “C” apartments
Average Sq Ft: 913
Closing date: July, August or September
Outstanding location next to Downtown Boise Central Business District, Boise State University and great demographics
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Tennyson Place

Type: Multi-Family New Build
Number of Units: 81 Class “A” Studio Apartments
Location: 3885 Tennyson St. Denver, CO
Average Sq. Ft: 504
Acquisition Date: 2014
Irreplaceable location on Tennyson Street in Berkley Neighborhood
Studio Units with high grade amenities; Club Room, Roof Top Deck, Gym, Terraces, underground parking
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Fitzsimons Place

Type: Multi-Family Value Add
Number of Units: 99
Location: Aurora, CO
Average Sq. Ft: 600
Acquisition Date: 2012
Renovated all units in 1.5 years and generated great returns for investors
Fitzsimmons Medical Campus was the catalyst for the success of the project
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Urban Park

Type: Multi-Family Value Add
Number of Units: 104 Class C Apartments to 104 Class B Apartments
Location: 948 E. Devonshire, Phoenix, AZ
Average Sq. Ft: 600
Acquisition Date: 2018
Strong up and coming location in Uptown Phoenix with great demographic trends
Complete renovation inside and out. Turnkey investment for future buyer
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